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Treasurer Tips & Tools


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Every council should have a budget that should be in place at the beginning of your fiscal year.  If your council does not have a budget, I have outlined some tips for getting this in place. If you do have a budget, this is a reminder and a review for you!

Please remember to budget funds for your members to attend the National Convention being held in Calgary this August!


  • Should be done at the beginning of each year
  • Fosters responsible financial stewardship among members
  • A tool that will guide your actions without having to constantly revisit financial decisions.
  • An estimate – will never be exact

How to prepare a budget if this is your first time

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Parish Treasurers memo Fall 2018

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As I write this memo, Québec is still in the midst of warm summer temperatures, but I have heard that there is a chance of snow in Alberta. It reminds me that League councils are like the weather in Canada - different from one province to another and from one parish to another.

The annual online survey forms will be available shortly for completion. It is an opportunity for me to learn how parish councils handle the duties of secretary or treasurer, providing a better understanding of what secretaries and treasurers are doing across Canada. Both forms have a question at the end of the survey for comments, so feel free to share personal thoughts about the position(s). If I can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact me.

For treasurers, the form asks questions about council donations to the national voluntary funds. The funds are listed on the form and, this year, the national bursary fund is also included. The amounts to be entered in this section are the monies the council sent in directly to national office in 2018. If the council made donations directly to any of the national voluntary fund organizations, that amount should be included in the next question on the form under the appropriate standing committee.

The positions of secretary and treasurer are extremely important, and I congratulate councils for the great work being done in keeping council records and finances in order. Whether you are familiar with the latest computer software or keep records manually, I am sure you are a credit to your council.

May Our Lady of Good Counsel by with you always as you fulfill the duties to the best of your ability.
Janet McLean
National Secretary-Treasurer

Council Treasurer Reports

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Did you know that the monthly financial report that you submit at your Council meeting does not need to be approved by way of a motion? Your report is for the members’ information only. Any expenses which are reported should have been approved before they were incurred. This is why a motion must be presented and passed at a general meeting when your council wants to disburse funds (e.g. donations to various charities the council supports, purchase of supplies for the council, approval of a stipend to be given to a guest speaker, etc.)

Only your annual report, which is submitted at your annual general meeting, needs to be voted on for approval.

Of course, at any meeting you should always ask if there are any questions on your report and you should be prepared to provide answers to any financial questions asked. Members are allowed to view the books of their council at any time.

From the February 2018 Diocesan CWL Newsletter


Nickels for the North

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This initiative introduced at the Provincial Convention 2010 is called ‘Nickels for the North.’ This fund raising project is for the support of the CWL sisters in the Mackenzie-Fort Smith Diocese for the purpose of travel to conventions and workshops.

Every council in Alberta Mackenzie is invited to consider working with the provincial council to raise funds for this cause to help CWL members in the Northwest Territories travel to CWL events. There are about 90 CWL members in the Diocese of Mackenzie-Fort Smith. The distances are great and high travel costs make it prohibitive for the executive to visit and meet with the councils in the diocese and for members to attend conventions. CWL members in Alberta are most welcome to help their northern sisters meet with each other and with members in the rest of the province and territory. Please consider:

  1. Introducing the program at your parish council meeting.
  2. Having a collection can available clearly marked “Nickels for the North.”
  3. Passing the container around to members present, asking for the nickels from their pocket change. (Other coins are happily accepted, too!)
  4. Depositing the collection to your CWL account earmarked “Nickels for the North.”
  5. When the collected amount warrants it, forward a cheque to the Diocesan Treasurer using Diocesan CWL Parish Remittance Form found on the Calgary Diocesan Website at https://calgarycwl.ca/members/forms.
  6. It is suggested that monies are forwarded in December, April and June before provincial convention.
  7. Report the collected and sent amounts at year end in the parish CWL council's annual reports.

From the February 2018 Diocesan CWL Newsletter

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