2020 Diocesan Fall Meeting Registration

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The 2020 Diocesan Fall Meeting will take place at St. Peter's Church, 541 Silvergrove Dr. NW, Calgary on Saturday, September 26th. Although there is no fee to attend, registration is required.

Due to COVID-19 physical distancing constraints, in-person attendance is limited to 42 participants. However, we require 31 voting delegates to obtain quorum. Participants will be limited to Parish Council Presidents (or her designate), Honorary Life Members, Life Members, Regional Chairs, and Diocesan Officers. Other members are encouraged to watch the meeting virtually on our Facebook page.

In-Person Attendance

  • Only the first 42 delegates to register will be able to participate in person.
  • Face masks are mandatory. Please bring yours with you.
  • Due to safety restrictions, no refreshments will be served.

Virtual Attendance

All League members in the Diocese who are unable to attend in person are invited to watch the Mass and meeting via live stream on the Calgary Diocesan CWL Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/calgarydiocesecwl  Those watching via live stream can submit a question and someone will ask it on your behalf. Simply type it in.


Whether you attend in-person or virtually, please keep the following schedule in mind:

  9:30 a.m.   Doors Open / Sign-in
  9:55 a.m.   Doors Locked
  10:00 a.m.   Mass (live stream)
  10:40 a.m.   Doors Open / Sign-in
  10:55 a.m.   Doors Locked
  11:00 a.m.   Welcome / Call to Order (live stream)
  1:30 p.m.   Adjournment

In-Person Registration

You can register by using the online form below or by emailing the same details to Communications Chair Diane Miedema. Diane will send a separate email confirming your registration to ensure that physical distancing limits are not exceeded.

Fall Meeting Registration Form

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This registration does not guarantee your space. Your confirmation will be emailed separately.

If you have questions about this form, please email our webmaster: if you have questions about the meeting, contact our Communications Chair.

We have added this Captcha element for online security. If you find it difficult to read, look for the small circular arrow to the right of the of the answer box, Click on it to get a different picture until there is one you can make out.


Diocesan Winter Meeting Summary

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It is a clear indication that we are living in Southern Alberta when the weather in February is better than September! Over 120 CWL members gathered at Holy Name Church in Calgary on this beautiful day in place of the cancelled Fall Meeting.

We started with Mass in which Fr Jonathon reminded us of the importance of our relationship with Jesus as our teacher, Lord and master; and encouraged us to "be not afraid." We sang in acknowledgement and affirmation that "We Make a Difference" in the world.

Diocesan President Jan Myhre opened the meeting with an introduction of our Diocesan Officers. Honorary Life members, Life Members and past Diocesan Presidents.

Fr. Nathan Siray presented on Our Lady of the Rockies Marian Shrine. A shrine is a church or holy place that is designated by its bishop as a site where the faithful may make a pilgrimage for the reason of faith and devotion. It is a consecrated place where the liturgical and devotional life of the Church promotes a special closeness to God in and through the lived example of His Saints.

A pilgrimage is the act of moving towards God expressed in the gesture of visiting a holy site. Just as the Church is a pilgrim towards to New Jerusalem of heaven, individual members of the faithful who make a pilgrimage become conscious of one's ascent towards the Creator by the help of His Grace.

A shrine dedicated to Our Lady aims to foster greater devotion to the Holy Mother of God through pious practices. The Blessed Mother is the greatest of all disciples. Her full assent to the Father's Will is s witness to her humility and her total abandonment to God. We are called to follow in her footsteps as we grow in our faith and trust in him. Being pilgrims ourselves, we hope to be fully united with God by the decision we make each day to take the next step forward toward Him.

Review the presentation slides and learn more about Our Lady of the Rockies at www.RockiesShrine.com

Fr. Cristino Bouvette spoke about the St. Francis Xavier Chaplaincy

The chaplaincy (SFXC) exists to serve as an off-campus hub of centralized outreach to the university student and young adult in the Diocese of Calgary. They are also present on-campus at the University of Calgary, St. Mary's University and the University of Lethbridge. At the U of C, they collaborate with Catholic Christian Outreach.

The chaplaincy is both a physical place and a spiritual entity for the formation and preparation of young Catholics at this pivotal stage in their life so they emerge from the chaplaincy as committed and equipped missionary disciples. It supports high school graduates, university students, post-secondary graduates, young adults, young families, and established professionals.

Guiding participants through each phase of formation:

  • Fellowship - The chaplaincy will work with on-campus, student-led clubs to build community and relationships. Students will continue to build these relationships off-campus with SFXC. Students will grow in their Catholic identity as they learn to navigate school and work.
  • Formation - Enhanced leadership in the SFXC community will provide mentorship during this phase to students and new grads who will be pursuing careers, marriage, and new responsibilities. Future priests and religious leaders, young couples pursuing marriage, and those desiring social and humanitarian work will develop from this phase.
  • Faith - Young couples who have met and married from within SFXC and are beginning a family will be mentors to younger participants. This phase will guide participants in deepening their spiritual life and prepare them to bring this experience into their professional lives and future parish communities.

Watch a video about their work. The 2020 Bishop's Dinner is sponsoring the chaplaincy. Download information package. Members and councils are encouraged to support this fund-raising project to benefit the chaplaincy.


Jan reported the closing of Christ the King CWL at the end of 2019 Council. Councils were reminded that the Diocesan Council exists to serve parish councils. Candy Neumann reported on the success of collaborating with Diocesan Council on the membership at St. Pat's in Medicine Hat.

Fr. Mario Basque brought greetings from Holy Name Parish.

Past-President Janet MacPhee presented on the role and responsibilities of the Past President at the Diocesan and Parish levels, and work to date on the Calgary Diocesan 100th Anniversary celebrations. Download her report.

Treasurer's Report - Diocesan Treasurer Jan Morel

Jan reported that the 2020 budget was ratified. She informed members about liability insurance and Nickels for the North. Contributions to Nickels for the North should be sent to the Provincial CWL Treasurer.

Walter Krewski Membership Awards - President Elect Renee Spohn

Renee announced the councils that were awarded certificates for increased memberships in 2018. Congratulations to: 

  • Airdrie - St. Paul's
  • Bow Island - St. Michael's
  • Calgary - Ascension
  • Calgary - St. Albert the Great
  • Calgary - St. Bonaventure
  • Calgary - St. Gerard
  • Calgary - St. Joseph
  • Calgary - St. Mary's Cathedral
  • Calgary - St. Patrick's
  • Calgary - St. Peter's
  • Calgary - St. Pius X
  • Chestermere - St. Gabriel
  • Coaldale - St. Ambrose
  • Fort Macleod - Holy Cross
  • High River - St. Francis de Sales
  • Lethbridge - St. Martha's
  • Medicine Hat - St. Patrick's
  • Strathmore - Sacred Heart
  • Taber - St. Augustine's
  • Vulcan - St. Andrew

ABMK President Judy Look reminded us that Christ is within us, Christ is above us, and Christ is around us. She spoke on the structure of CWL and that the most important entity is the individual member at the parish level. Each level of the League is called to serve the level below them. We all have gifts needed by our council. The administrative parts of leadership can be learned; we just need to Be Not Afraid.

Planning Strategically - President Elect Renee Spohn

Renee presented on the national Strategic Plan. Where have we been? Where are we now? Where are we going? Leadership comes in many different forms. Members are asked to visit the National website at https://cwl.ca/implementation-of-the-strategic-plan for updates on the implementation of the Strategic Plan.

Lively discussion followed, as we divided into small groups to discuss questions related to the Core Values:


  1. What element of your faith is a strength, making you the person you are?
  2. What kind of project or event would you like to take part in to help grow your faith?


  1. In keeping with our theme, “Care for our Common Home – Stewards of Creation,” what type of service could your council provide to your parish community?
  2. What other groups in your parish community can you identify that are living our theme?

Social Justice:

  1. What would you consider the top three Social Justice issues that the Calgary Diocesan Council should focus on?
  2. Is there a Social Justice project that you’ve heard of that we should know about?

Review the summary of the Round Table Discussions. Login to our forum to share your thoughts, add your ideas, and describe how your council is implementing the Core Values.




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The Catholic Women’s League Calgary Diocesan Council Fall Meeting
SEPTEMBER 28, 2019

was postponed to February 1, 2020 due to poor weather and road conditions.

The officers' oral reports which would have been presented are provided here for your information. Please read them and share this valuable information with your Councils:

“Give thanks to the Lord for He is good; His love endures forever”
Psalm 118.1



2018 Fall Meeting & Workshops

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The Catholic Women’s League Calgary Diocesan Council Fall Meeting & Workshops

SEPTEMBER 22, 2018

St. George’s Church, 608 – 1 Street West, HANNA, Alberta

The first day of fall was more like winter but the hospitality of the Drumheller Region and St George's Council was warm.

Read the minutes.



Fall Meeting 2017

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Our Fall Workshop was held on Saturday, September 23 at St. Patrick’s in Medicine Hat. The Most Reverend Bishop William McGrattan was our morning speaker. The business session followed lunch. See the agenda.

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