The CWL is a national grassroots organization with councils based in most Roman Catholic parishes in the Calgary Diocese.  If your local church does not list the CWL on its website with contact information there, call your church office and ask if there is a CWL Council in the parish; provide your name and phone number and ask that the CWL contact give you a call.  

There is an annual membership fee based on a minimum set by the national office, but if financial issues make this unaffordable, please tell us.  Most CWL Councils have a special fund set aside for this purpose.

There are several types of membership within the Catholic Women's League:

  • General Membership: A Catholic woman, 16 years of age or over, may become a member, with voting privileges and with eligibility for office by election or appointment.
  • Life Membership: A member, nominated by a diocesan or provincial council, fulfilling the criteria established by the national executive, may be awarded a life membership in national council.
  • Honorary Life Membership: a distinctive honour bestowed on a member who has served as national president
  • Associate Membership: A non-Catholic woman 16 years of age or over may become a member with voting privileges, but without eligibility for office by election or appointment.

Your CWL commitment could be as easy as maintaining an inexpensive yearly membership, even when you are unable to attend meetings or other events. As time permits, you may enjoy helping with a project.

Prayers and a spirit of joy are important parts of CWL as members journey together in faith. Fresh ideas are always welcome; share them with the new friends that await you.

The benefits of CWL are eternal! Life is a series of new beginnings; make the CWL a priority in your life!

Watch the Salt & Live video Woman On A Mission.