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When Candles Talk

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Instruction: This skit requires an attractive box with a lid; a candle holder; book of matches; a new grey, green, pink, red and blue candle; a broken candle; and a very used white candle. The skit is most effective done in semi-darkness; a flashlight may be needed for the "candle voices" to read their parts. Small candles may be used for the closing circle at the end.

NARRATOR: This is a story of a woman whose granddaughters were with her on a lonely evening when the world didn't look like a very bright and happy place. She had a beautiful box of magic candles in the attic, which she brought out to show them. These candles talked! Of course, the little girls were doubtful at first.

Then Grandma brought out the first candle ~ a beautiful grey one ~ and set it up proudly in the candle holder and struck a match to light it. Suddenly, the candle spoke!

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Strategizing Successful Membership Campaigns

with Our Lady of Good Counsel

 “Be confident that you are offering a membership that allows your sister to remain faithful to her baptism, prayer, and service. You are giving her “Sisterhood;” true companionship to pray and serve along with other women who love her.”

Renewal and Recruitment Tips

Pray! It is God’s way; put your needs aside; listen, act, and let God direct you!

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Organization - Fall 2020 Memo

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DATE: October 9, 2020
FROM: Fran Lucas, National president-elect and chairperson of organization
TO: Parish council chairpersons of organization

To all presidents-elect, if you are in the third year of your position or were elected early this year, we know this year is going to be one for the books! This pandemic will have us reflecting on it in years to come. The differences we are experiencing because of isolations, social distancing, physical distancing, wearing masks, continual reminders to wash our hands, hand sanitizers everywhere, COVID-19 testing and waiting for the results, lack of in-person meetings and enhanced communication styles are all among the list of things that will be remembered.


Parish Organization memo Fall 2019

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DATE: September 30, 2019
FROM: Fran Lucas, National president-elect and chairperson of organization
TO: Parish council chairpersons of organization

To all presidents-elect in small and large parish councils across this beautiful country, I wish you renewed energy and passion for your work as we begin another year in our beloved League!

Parish councils are where it all begins—they allow for success in all we do. With recruiting of new members, each council needs to look at ways to ensure members renew their membership every year. And, if they do not, find out why and work to eliminate that from happening in the future.
There will always be attrition; however, there are many instances where member action or lack of action contribute to that result.

Leadership Development
Presidents-elect are instrumental in ensuring the parish council, and in turn, all levels of the League, have members well oriented to the League. They should be aware of the basics — who we are, how we got started, that spirituality is our cornerstone, and the list of social justice actions undertaken within the community. They need to know about diocesan, provincial and national levels and the reasons for them. How great if they knew the names of the diocesan, provincial and national presidents. Only with a solid knowledge base can they feel fulfilled, do well in their position, and say “yes” to moving to other chairperson roles and even to the next level. I am confident you have read the Executive Handbook and Handbook for Organization Chairpersons.
Leading the League is a comprehensive teaching manual that makes delivery of an orientation session easy. With a wealth of other information, it is worth its weight in gold! Have your council purchase one today.

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Organization memo Fall 2018

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I love coffee! So, brew a cup (or tea if you prefer) and have a read on some aspects of the position I would like to share with you. Think about adding new twists and fun to any of my ideas and suggestions when promoting them.

I look back at my 30 plus years as a member and wonder how the time has passed so quickly. I am thrilled and privileged to be the national president-elect and encourage members to continue to pursue activities in the League. It too could happen to you! See where the Lord takes you in years to come. Be open to His calling! Organization chairpersons are needed during this especially exciting, though not totally free from trepidation, time for the League. In the future, you will be able to say, “I was there when the League had the foresight to see the need for change and embraced it with faith, knowing that it would make a positive difference!” You will have been part of the impact on continuing the growth and vital presence of the League in a world looking so different to what it did upon first joining.

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Organization Fall Workshop

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Calgary Diocesan CWL Fall Meeting/Workshop
Saturday, September 22, 2018
St. George's, Hanna, AB

Faith – Service – Social Justice

Organization/President-Elect Report


“What You Are is God’s Gift to You –
What You Become is Your Gift to God”

Hans Urs von Baltha

Dear Sisters of the League,

This report will hopefully assist you in reaching your goals as Organization chair for your council.

Recruit & Retain Members:  Many of us have heard Judy Look's presentation on "Three Cups of Tea", which is based on relationships.  I can't stress enough how we need to build relationships as League sisters.  Approach women in your parish personally, (age 16 and over), and invite them in.  Your 1st cup of tea will be an invitation to meet for coffee for the first visit and perhaps not even talk about the CWL.  Follow up with a phone call or a personal invite to attend a CWL meeting or special event.  This will be your 2nd cup of tea.  Keep in touch and mentor her as she becomes familiar with the CWL and makes new friends, builds new relationships.  She will then realize that she wants to join the CWL, and become a part of the sisterhood.  This is the 3rd cup of tea.     But, it's also important that we keep in touch with every single one of our members.  If members don't have email, be sure to have a phoning committee or a visitation committee to reach out to our sisters.  Members need to feel welcome, cared for, and feel that they are still a part of the sistershood and the council.

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Organization Memo 2017

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2017 Organization memo from Anne-Marie Gorman, national president-elect and chairperson of organization:

Greetings to all parish council chairpersons of organization and presidents-elect. Thank you for taking on this responsibility in preparation of becoming president. As a second year chairperson, your confidence level has increased after having digested the literature and responsibilities of what your continuing role and your future role as president will be. For those recently elected to the position of organization, you will have two years to become knowledgeable about your role. God is good all the time. With the intervention of Mary and the calling upon of the Holy Spirit, you will be ready. Use your given gifts to support the League in your community and to promote new ways of doing things.

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ABMK Provincial CWL Organization Chair Communique 1

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Download the September 2017 Communique

“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

Hi! Let me introduce myself. I am Judy Look your new president-elect and chairperson of organization. My home council resides in Holy Spirit Parish Calgary where I have lived out my entire CWL life. Each new committee I served on gave me the opportunity to grow in the knowledge of CWL and self- knowledge. Each gave me the opportunity to strengthen my relationship with God as I would say, “Help me Lord. What have I done to myself?” Each time I would hear the same answer,” Don’t worry, you and I will handle it just fine. Put your trust in me and turn to my Mother and we will do great things together.”

So here we go - all of us doing great things together.

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Renew, Recruit & Retain

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Click here to download Renee Spohn's 2015 Fall Meeting presentation.

Renew Recruit and Retain – Calgary Diocesan CWL Fall Meeting September 2015 – Renee Spohn
Succession Planning – Respect and Empowerment for all Generations – Mentorship and Working Together on our Journey – Membership it is not about Numbers it is about People – One Person at a time – One Great Leader or a Great Follower – Wanting to Serve.
We can achieve our succession plan by remembering:

  • Renew: On our Journey - This is the Perfect Day to Serve – Let us be Glad and Rejoice in it
  • Recruit: You are the Perfect Age to Serve
  • Retain: You will Plant the Seed then it is God’s Way

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