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The League and its members have always provided service to members in their time of need, to their parish, their local community, the country and the world. Through this standing committee, peaceful, just and prosperous communities will be realized.
~ National Manual of Policy and Procedure: Positions and Responsibilities Page 76

Councils are encouraged to:

  1. promote activities in service to members, the parish and the community
  2. advocate for and support services that include but are not limited to homelessness, human trafficking, poverty, bullying and racism
  3. educate members about charitable needs, especially mission assistance at home and abroad
  4. provide assistance for diocesan receptions, for example Ordination or Chrism Mass, etc. when requested by the Catholic Pastoral Centre.
    ~ Calgary Diocesan Policies and Procedures


Service Standing Committee

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Some ways in which local councils may engage in service:

  • Host events in support of parish (communion breakfasts, clergy appreciation lunches, senior evenings, funeral receptions).
  • Support/host/participate in events in service of the community (serving at food banks or soup kitchens, collecting winter clothing for shelters, visiting shut-ins, etc.).
  • Support national or international initiatives by, for example, sponsoring a person through an organization such as Chalice, participating in events held by groups such as Development and Peace, etc.
  • Develop/support services to help in the areas of homelessness, human trafficking, poverty, bullying, racism, etc.
  • Educate members about charitable needs in local, national and international communities through guest speakers.
  • Organize fundraisers for council initiatives.
  • Study and implement the action plans of related adopted resolutions.
  • Consider initiating a resolution on a topic of interest to the council (see Resolutions Handbook).

Source: 614 Handbook for Chairpersons 2022

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