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  • General Liability Insurance—Fifty cents per member is to be paid with your 2020 per capita dues. Refer to Forms & Resources for more info
  • Membership—Although the deadline to submit per capita dues was February 29th, continue to remit payments for new members and renewals
  • Regional Dues—Pay them directly to your Regional Treasurer
  • Budget—There is a sample budget format in the Guidelines for Treasurers

The following reminders and hints are from the Guideline for Treasurers

  • Obtain and retain a receipt for every expense
  • Promptly issue cheques for submitted expenses
  • Record cheque details, including the number, to facilitate the bank reconciliation at month-end
  • Number the receipts in the receipt book
  • Number the pages in the account book
  • Use the bank statement to balance the account book or spreadsheet each month. The financial statement and account books should be audited or examined annually, either professionally or by someone with accounting expertise

Helpful Hints

  • Always keep books updated; list each transaction as it is made
  • Itemize all transactions; record details of all income and every expense
  • Always pay by cheque; never sign blank cheques
  • If using petty cash, stipulate a small amount; ensure that there is a receipt for all money taken out to replenish the original float amount
  • Where applicable, auditors should sign the account book at the completion of the annual audit after the last entry of the year
  • The president, treasurer and recording secretary should have signing authority; all cheques must be signed by two signing officers
  • Comply with all deadlines for emittance of per capita fees and funds
  • Presidents should be aware of the treasurer’s responsibilities and be familiar with the books
  • All councils should draft financial guidelines and policies to ensure their smooth operation from year to year

 Treasurer’s Reporting:

  • Present a financial statement at every general meeting
  • Prepare an annual financial report for the end of the calendar year
  • When completing the annual report survey, include a list of donations to voluntary funds and other charitable groups (list by standing committee)
  • Councils should have a financial policy stating that cheques, financial statements, receipts, and disbursement books be kept on file for FIVE YEARS

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