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Please keep Diocesan events in mind when planning Council activities so as to avoid scheduling conflicts. See a list of Diocesan Meetings & Conventions. 



January 15th is the deadline to report deceased members’ for the prior year’s Book of Life , but why wait? To ensure that no one is missed, promptly submit a notice of death through the online membership system; or email the completed Form for Reporting Deceased Members to National office, with a copy to the Diocesan Spiritual Development Chair at .



Click on links (words in blue) to download documents:

For Treasurers:

  • Guidelines for Treasurers
  • Treasurer Information (Treasurer Help Document)
  • Regional Dues:
  • Voluntary Fund Remittance Forms
    • 2019 National Voluntary Fund Remittance Form
    • 2019 Provincial Voluntary Fund Remittance Form 
      • Nickels for the North  
        This initiative was introduced at the Provincial Convention 2010 and is for the support of the CWL sisters in the Mackenzie-Fort Smith Diocese for the purpose of travel to conventions and workshops.Every council in Alberta Mackenzie is invited to consider working with the provincial council to raise funds for this cause to help CWL members in the Northwest Territories travel to CWL events.
        When the collected amount warrants it, forward a cheque with the remittance form above
      • March for Life 
        The National March for Life is organized by Campaign Life Coalition. Pro-lifers rally in front of our Parliament building and march through downtown Ottawa, demanding that our political representatives fight for the right to life of every human being. In addition to the Ottawa event, many provinces also hold regional Marches for Life at their provincial legislatures. Source: https://marchforlife.ca
        The Voluntary fund in support of "March for Life" was instituted at the 2019 Provincial Convention in Grande Prairie.
  • General Liability Insurance:  Liability insurance is a necessity for parish councils to provide protection in the event of an accident. For 2020, insurance premiums will be collected directly from parish councils. The cost of this insurance has been kept as inexpensive as possible at $0.50 per member. This premium will be in addition to per capita fees. When remitting per capita fees to national office, insurance premiums will also be collected. For parish councils that submit payments electronically, insurance premiums will be automatically withdrawn upon successful completion of an electronic per capita remittance.

    A new insurance policy will be distributed in the spring 2020 parish council mailing. In the meantime, the current policy will be in effect until a new policy is issued. Enrollment in the parish liability insurance program is mandatory and parish councils must remit premiums with the 2020 per capita fees. Only by having all parish councils participate in this program will the League be able to keep premiums low. Please contact National Office for the details of what is covered under the policy


For Secretaries:

  • CWL Parish Council Roster Changes in various formats:

    • on-line format (fill in and submit from the website. A copy will be sent to the email address you provide.)
    • pdf (download and print)
    • fill-in Word format (tab from one field to the next to complete, then print and mail. Note: the fillable form is protected. If you see a yellow bar across the top of the screen when you open the document, click on the box(es) to enable editing and to enable content.)


For Communications Chairs:

  • A Short Guide to Communications
  • If your Council is hosting an event to which other Councils and the general public is invited, please share that information by emailing the webmaster with the details or completing the Event Submission form so it can be added to the website events calendar. Email other news you want to share for posting on the Action page.


For Organization Chairs:


For Spiritual Development Chairs:


For Education & Health Chairs: 


For all members:

Letter writing


Other National forms:

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