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The annual reports are completed on-line. Ask your Council President for the information. If you have any questions or concerns, contact our Diocesan President Elect, Renee Spohn, at 403-892-6641 or by email.


(Click on link to download document):

For Treasurers:

  • Guidelines for Treasurers

  • Treasurer Information (Treasurer Help Document)

  • Regional Dues:
  • Voluntary Fund Remittance Forms
    • 2018 National Voluntary Fund Remittance Form

    • Nickels for the North

      This initiative was introduced at the Provincial Convention 2010 and is for the support of the CWL sisters in the Mackenzie-Fort Smith Diocese for the purpose of travel to conventions and workshops.

      Every council in Alberta Mackenzie is invited to consider working with the provincial council to raise funds for this cause to help CWL members in the Northwest Territories travel to CWL events. When the collected amount warrants it, forward a cheque with the remittance form.

  • General Liability Insurance: The parish liability insurance will no longer be paid by national council beginning with the February 2020 renewal of the policy. Parish councils will receive the necessary information regarding the liability insurance, which will be coordinated by national office as was done in the past. It is estimated that the cost per member for parish councils will be between $0.60 and $0.75. Please contact them for the details of what is covered under the policy. 


For Secretaries:

  • CWL Parish Council Roster Changes in various formats:


For Communications Chairs:


For Organization Chairs:


For Spiritual Development Chairs:


For Education & Health Chairs: 


For Resolutions Chairs:


For other:

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