We are excited to host the 2024 ABMK Provincial Convention!! 
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You are the League. Like you, I belong to a parish council and will hopefully meet with my sisters this fall. Questions that are uppermost in members’ minds include whether they will be able to meet in person as a parish council, when will parish councils be able to meet to carry on their service “For God and Canada,” and how differently, if in any way, will gatherings look.

Regarding parish councils’ ability to meet in person, yes, of course you may, but only if the local government permits, and only if the diocese and parish within has permitted meetings. If your parish council is blessed to be able to meet, you will be able to carry on the usual business of your council. If not able to meet in person, parish councils may be able to meet virtually, discuss directions the council wishes to take, then ratify decisions when able to meet in person.

This fall’s parish mailing contains valuable information from all standing committee chairpersons and information relating to the implementation of the strategic plan. Please read all carefully and share with members based on your circumstances related to COVID-19. The welcome program, for example, will roll out in the midst of the pandemic restrictions, but roll out it will.

The excitement associated with this first initiative related to affirmation began some time ago. The excitement elevated during the summer speaker series presentation, “The League of the Future: Year II” by Fran Lucas, Sharon Ciebin and Lisa Henry. There is much more to come.

The memo from National Chairperson of Laws Margaret Ann Jacobs prepares you for the upcoming instructed vote that will be part of the Constitution & Bylaws amendments process. Each of the 75,000 members has a say in what will be proposed by the national amendments committee.

I trust all will have had the opportunity to view or re-view with your council, the summer speaker series presentations. All were unique and provided so much substance that could easily become programs for your meetings. Please go to cwl.ca and follow the link posted on August 18, 2020.

God bless all my dear sisters as we move into another year of service, “For God and Canada.”
Thank you for your extended service. May God richly reward you in all your endeavours.

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