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Marjorie Robinson

I am very honoured and excited about joining the Calgary Diocesan CWL Executive as Vice President and Spiritual Chair. I will pray for guidance that the Holy Spirit will lead our spiritual programs, our prayers, and our work in Jesus’ name.  My first years were spent on a farm in Northeastern Saskatchewan, where I still feel at home.  My family moved to Windsor, Ontario and there I completed high school and university, attaining a Master of Arts in Canadian History.  I worked as an editor for the University of Toronto Press, then met and married my husband, Stephen, and we moved to Calgary just over 40 years ago.  Here we raised two children; I earned a Bachelor of Education degree at the University of Calgary, and loved my time teaching for the Catholic School Board.

The themes running through my life have been:  my faith in God and how to live that, my love of learning, and caring for and serving others:  family, friends, and the world. In 2008, Stephen became a Deacon with the Diocese of Calgary.   This winter, we spent a few months  in Denver, Colorado, where he completed Master of Arts in Theology (specializing in the New Evangelization).  We have begun leading Marriage Preparation Courses.

I have volunteered in organizations, from graduate school to parent council and, of course, the Church.  My faith journey from an upbringing in the Anglican Church, led me to the “One Holy Catholic and Apostolic church,” into which I was received at St. Pius X in 1990.  I have served on Parish Council, in R.C.I.A., as a Lector and as a Minister of the Eucharist.  Since 1995, I have been a member of the Catholic Women’s League, serving as Spiritual Chair, Secretary, President (for 5 years) and currently as Past President.

I believe in the mission and the values of the CWL and will do my best to further the League’s goals.

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