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The town hall held in conjunction with the annual national convention in Prince Edward Island was a profound experience. It was a truly remarkable and innovative avenue for members to be involved. Technology provided members across the country and in the convention hall the opportunity to be part of the process of planning strategically. The connectivity and the culmination of responses allowed the voices of all participants nationwide to be heard as the League embarked upon a new frontier. Advocacy and social justice were common themes generated through the responses.

The annual reporting process begins in the near future with online reporting as the only mechanism available to parish councils to provide responses. Although it is anticipated that some of you may be challenged for technological reasons, you may always reach out to members who do have the expertise to assist.

One common challenge presented in the 2016 annual reports for this standing committee was the inability of councils to recruit a member to take on a position due to fear and a lack of understanding resolutions. To combat this concern, lean on diocesan and provincial councils to assist with workshops and perhaps organize a resolutions dialogue at conventions or leadership development days throughout the year. Consider teaming up with neighbouring sisters in the League to organize a learning event. These are some avenues that help engage members to take up some work.

As a new year of meetings and planning emerges, I want to express appreciation to you for taking an interest in advocacy and social justice through resolutions. It was wonderful to witness members actively engaged and who took a valid interest in resolutions through concerns and proposed amendments at the annual national convention. Women of God, inspired by the Spirit and called to action through resolutions – let us continue “to take up some work “that affects the life of the entire country.

May the Spirit enfold your work with fervour and zeal.

Joan Bona
National Chairperson of Resolutions


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