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A brief guide about Treaty & Alberta Treaty Map (Alberta Teachers Association)

Let us join in prayer: 

For the children who died in the former Kamloops Indian Residential School and for all those impacted by this tragedy, that there may be healing founded on truth and that the Spirit will inspire our ongoing commitment to reconciliation. Amen.

There were 25 residential schools in the Province of Alberta.  See: Residential Schools in Canada Map. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary did not run any residential schools, although four were located within the boundaries of the Diocese:

Crisis line for Indian Residential School survivors and family: 1-866-925-4419


Source: Diocese of Calgary

The CCCB website page on residential schools and TRC notes that approximately 16 out of 70 Catholic dioceses in Canada were associated with the former Indian Residential Schools, in addition to about three dozen Catholic religious communities. 

Pope Benedict XVI invited members of a Canadian delegation, composed of representatives of Indigenous communities and of Catholic dioceses and religious communities in Canada, for a private meeting following his morning General Audience on April 29, 2009, to discuss their experiences with the Indian Residential Schools. During the meeting the Pope listened to the stories of the representatives and expressed his regret for the suffering that many Indigenous people had undergone within Indian Residential Schools. Source.

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