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One of the actions local CWL councils are called upon by the Alberta Mackenzie Provincial Council is to contact provincial government officials regarding our provincial resolution 2019.01 which was passed last June at the Alberta Mackenzie Provincial Convention.

On February 24th, the Catholic Women’s League Provincial President Judy Look and members of her executive met with representatives from Health, Education, and Children’s Services of the Alberta government.

I invite you to use the following two template letters to write to the Members of the Alberta Legislative Assembly regarding Alberta Mackenzie Provincial Resolution 2019.01:  that annual universal dental screenings be immediately implemented in all Alberta schools for school-aged children from grades K-12.

Please use the first letter template to write the Premier, the Minister of Education, and the Minister of Health.  Use the second template for your own MLA. You may find your MLA’s contact information at Who is my MLA? which will ask for your address and provide you with their name and contact information.

Tips:  It will be more effective if you change the letter slightly to make it your own.  (Form letters are not effective.)   Be brief.  Be polite.  Ask a question. Be sure to use exact wording from the resolution.

For God and Canada,

Gayleen Hamilton
Legislation Chair,
Calgary Diocesan Catholic Women’s League