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BISHOP PAUL O’BYRNE SCHOLARSHIPS are offered to members in the Calgary diocese who want to learn more about their Catholic faith and enhance their ability to be a tangible benefit to the League.

Calgary Diocesan Council created the scholarship to commemorate Bishop O’Byrne’s 25th Jubilee as Bishop of Calgary. Members can apply for up to $500 for a course taken in the year preceding or following the May 31st deadline.


Guidelines for the
Bishop Paul O’Byrne Scholarship

This scholarship, in the amount of up to five hundred dollars ($500.00) annually, was been established to commemorate the celebration of Bishop Paul O’Byrne’s 25th Jubilee as Bishop of Calgary. The criteria for applying for this scholarship are:

  1. The applicant must be an active C.W.L. member in good standing.
  2. A letter to the scholarship committee shall be submitted on behalf of the applicant and signed by the council president.
  3. This scholarship has been set up to help the members of the C.W.L. further her knowledge of the Catholic faith which in turn will enhance her ability to participate in and be of tangible benefit to the League.
  4. Application deadline is May 31st. A member may apply for the funds for a course taken in the year preceding or for a course to be taken in the year following that May 31st deadline.
  5. A successful applicant shall be eligible to apply after three years.
  6. Proof of registration or completion of course must be provided.
  7. A special committee will be set up for the purpose of selecting a recipient(s) for the annual scholarship from the applications received. The selection committee will be made up of the Education & Health Standing Committee Chairperson, Diocesan President, Past Diocesan President and two other Diocesan executive members.
  8. Notification to the recipient(s) of the scholarship funds will go out by August 31st of each year. All applicants will receive notice of the final result of the committee’s selection.
  9. In the event no applications are received or the applicant(s) do not meet the criteria set out in the guidelines, the scholarship will not be awarded for that year.


The application form is here and the application deadline is May 31 each year. 

Please send applications to