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CWL National has a bursary fund that is used to provide financial assistance to members needing it to pursue studies, courses, seminars, workshops and diploma/degree programs in areas of: 

  • Spiritual growth
  • Adult faith formation
  • Youth ministry
  • Ministry to patients in palliative care
  • Ministry to shut-ins
  • Parliamentary procedure
  • Literacy tutoring

U.S. courses may be pursued if the program is not available in Canada.
The national bursary committee receives applications and administers the bursary annually. The value of the bursaries awarded depends on the interest generated from the fund and donations received in any given year and the number of qualified applicants.


  1. In her third consecutive year of membership and any year thereafter, a member may apply.
  2. Applicants must demonstrate an active involvement in pastoral services and be prepared to serve the church in their province, diocese or parish.
  3. Courses, etc. may be taken prior to bursary acceptance, but must be taken within one year following acceptance.
  4. Upon proof of acceptance into the designated program, funds will be forwarded by national office in the decided amount to the institution administering the program or to the applicant if proof of payment is submitted. Proof of acceptance must be received within 30 days of approval of the award; otherwise the bursary will lapse.
  5. The applicant will provide acknowledgement of completion of the course, seminar, conference, workshop, diploma or degree programs along with a letter from the applicant expressing what she has gained from the program and how she will be sharing this with her community in the future.
  6. Applicants receiving an award may reapply for a maximum of three additional one-year periods. The applications do not need to be in consecutive years.


  1. Applications must be made on the official form, which is available online at cwl.ca.
  2. Two letters of recommendation must accompany the completed form. One letter of recommendation must be from the applicant’s CWL parish council president; the other from a non-relative. Each letter must indicate the name of the reference, and his or her position and relationship to the applicant.
  3. Applications must be submitted to national office and postmarked by May 15th. To ensure that no oversight occurs, the applicant should inform national office that the application has been sent. The bursary committee meets in June and the successful applicants are notified by letter. Announcement is made by June 30th on cwl.ca and in The Canadian League.
  4. Decisions of the bursary committee shall be final.
  5. The maximum bursary award is $1,000 per year per applicant, for a maximum of $4,000 over a member’s lifetime.
  6. The application form, with two letters of recommendation should be sent to
    CWL National Office
    C-702 Scotland Avenue
    Winnipeg MB, R3M 1X5
    Fax: (204) 927-2321
  7. A T4A slip will be sent to all bursary recipients by February 28th of the year following receipt of any bursary award exceeding $500.00.

 The application deadline is May 31 each year, and the application form can be found on the National website form 552