Calgary Diocesan CWL 101st Annual Convention

Fourth Sunday of Lent

19 Mar 2023



Mass readings, reflections and activities for the Fourth Sunday of Lent (Year A)


Mass Readings  | The story of the man born blind is artfully told in an imaginative way, exploring the relationship between faith, knowledge, sin and vision. Even though the healing of the blind man is the central physical change, the moral and theological reality of sin is equally important in this gospel account. The disciples’ first question, “Who sinned?” and Christ’s answer are provocative still today. The Pharisees are so threatened by Jesus’ action – an action that explodes their neat traditional categories – that they resort to meaningless nit-picking.

  • What sentence or phrase in the gospel speaks to you?
  • Has there been a time when you “saw” Jesus clearly, perhaps in a person, a news story or an ordinary event in your life? Explain.
  • Has your own stubbornness or unwillingness to see another’s point of view ever caused hurt or division?
  • We all have blind spots in matters of justice and charity. They affect the way we see things in family life, work, etc. What will help us to improve our vision, in order to “truly see” ?

   (Source: Diocese of Saskatoon)

Kid's challenge this week

We hear how Jesus helped a blind man to see again. God has given us the gift of sight to see all the wonderful things that he has made in our world. But we also need to open our eyes to see things that are damaging the world, and our planet. Let's think of one way you can try to make a difference, to care for our earth and to help people who are poor to change their lives for the better.