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"Keep Christ in Christmas" and all year long with this booklet of 12 PermanentTM domestic rate stamps celebrating the Nativity. 

These beautifully illustrated stamps feature Mary, Joseph, an ox and a donkey gazing in adoration at the newborn baby Jesus. Since at least the fourth century, an ox and a donkey have been included in Nativity scenes, signifying that even animals recognized the importance of Jesus’ birth.

Issue Date: November 2, 2020

Product # 114147

Source: Canada Post

Postal rates are set to rise in 2021, so stock up and use them year-round.  CWL members (and Councils) are encouraged to purchase them to ensure their continued production. Christian-themed stamps are a result of action by the Catholic Women's League of Canada - an example of successful resolutions. See our Resolutions re: Christmas Postage Stamps article for more information.

These stamps are available in outlets as well as through the Canada Post website.  Some nativity stamps from previous years are still available through the website.