Calgary Diocesan CWL 101st Annual Convention

Spiritual Tips and Tools

Guidance for Engaging Spiritual Advisors

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I am happy to share resources that may help you and chairpersons at other levels work with the spiritual advisor and assist them in understanding their role.

Enclosed is a background document that describes the challenges from both the perspective of spiritual advisors and councils and provides ideas to help overcome them. The background document is for your review to assist in meeting with spiritual advisors one-on-one with a parish council spiritual advisor or in a larger group.

There are also two PowerPoint presentations that can be presented at larger gatherings of clergy. The shorter presentation has a script, while the longer PowerPoint, based on Catch the Fire!, offers all the information on the slides. Please review both to see what will work best, both with your time availability and the information you wish to share. A suggested handout is attached to be given to all those in attendance. You are encouraged to give each person attending a welcome kit for spiritual advisors, with information about the League, including the Guide for Spiritual Advisor’s Brochure (#167).

Another resource that could be shared is the 2021 Annual Report Summary to demonstrate the accomplishments of the League. The summary can be found on

If you create other effective materials, please share them with me so they can be shared across the country.

Source: Communiqué #9 — Spiritual Development; Cathy Bouchard


Spiritual Bouquet

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A Spiritual Bouquet is the offering of prayers and / or sacrifices to another as a gift. Any offering or prayers that fit the purpose can be included. Here are some ideas you can consider.

  • a certain number of a specific prayer (Our Fathers, Hail Mary etc) See the Diocesan CWL Payer Corner for prayers you may find relevant.
  • a novena (whatever would be applicable to the recipient's situation)
  • a Mass (have a Mass said for the intentions of this person)
  • visiting the Blessed Sacrament in Adoration
  • a rosary
  • a Chaplet of Divine Mercy
  • good deeds or sacrifices offered for the intentions of that person
  • fasting or abstinence
  • acts of mercy (corporal or spiritual)

Once complete, either individually or as a group, accumulate a list of all the offerings and sacrifices.  This list will be presented to the recipient.  Feel free to use the attached template to summarize the Bouquet.


Clergy & Religious Appreciation

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Councils are encouraged to express gratitude to all clergy and religious men and women in your parish for their significant contributions.

Possible ideas include:


Marian Shrines

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In The Diocese of Calgary

CanmoreThe Shrine Church of Our Lady of the Rockies

CochraneSt. Francis Retreat Centre – Stations of the Cross

Taber – St. Augustine & St. Joseph – Holy Family Grouping in front of the church, large Grouping of Mount Calvary beside the church

1. Canadian Martyrs – 835 Northmount Drive NW (west of church)
2. Father Lacombe Care Centre – 270 Providence Blvd. (behind the complex) Mary’s grotto
3. Holy Name – 2223 – 34 St SW (in front of the church)
4. Holy Spirit – 10827 – 24 St SW (to the left (west) of the office entrance)
5. Mary, Mother of the Redeemer Church – 1714 – 14 Ave NE at the front of the church Statue of our Lady of Grace
6. Our Lady of Perpetual Help – 400 Edmonton Trail NE (Behind the Church)
7. Sacred Heart Convent – 19 Avenue & 1st St. SW (Between Chapel Structure and School)
8. St. Albert the Great – 10 Prestwick Dr. SE (in front of the church)
9. St. Bonaventure – 1600 Acadia Drive SE (left of the main doors in a little alcove)
10. St. Cecilia’s – 321 – 90 Avenue SE – Bronze statue of Rachel and rosary walk
11. St. Gerard – 8944 Elbow Dr. SW (south side of the church) Immaculate Conception surrounded by small angels with a prayer bench
12. St. Mary’s Cathedral – 18 Ave & 1st St SW (above the front doors of the Cathedral)
13. St. Peter – 541 Silvergrove Dr. NW (west of the church) Benches, moving water
14. St. Stephen Ukrainian – 4903 – 45 St. SW (close to the entrance on the south side of the church)

St. Peter's Grotto - Photo credit: Annie Chirka


Spiritual Development - Fall 2020 Memo

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DATE: October 9, 2020
FROM: Shari Guinta, national first vice-president and chairperson of spiritual development
TO: Parish chairpersons of spiritual development

Our joy in God is missionary: “‘We have found the Messiah’… And he brought him to Jesus. … ‘Come and see’” (Jn 1:41-46).
Greetings to all chairpersons of spiritual development.

October is Extraordinary Missionary Month. October 1st was the date chosen for the League’s National Day of Prayer for Canadian Home Missions. I mentioned this in the last mailing, and I hope that parish councils planned something special and initiated a program or an activity.

The Holy Father’s intention for October 2020 is “The Laity’s Mission in the Church. We pray that by the virtue of baptism, the laity, especially women, may participate more in areas of responsibility in the Church.”

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Livestreamed Masses

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Livestreamed Masses

  • Full schedule of Parish Livestream Masses are available at:  
  • If you are a TELUS Optik subscriber, you can watch livestream masses and prayer events in Channel 876 (choose "Diocese of Calgary" logo)
  • If you are a cable TV subscriber, you can access Salt+Light TV, Canada's Catholic network, for a nominal fee each month. Or view online at Daily TV Mass, produced by the National Catholic Broadcasting Council, is broadcast four times a day at 4:30 am, 9 am, 2 pm and 8:30 pm (MT). Check the S+L Schedule for broadcasts of Sunday Mass from the Vatican. Daily masses are also available on Shalom World TV at
  • Televised Mass is also available to those who subscribe to EWTN and Vision TV. Click on the links or their schedules


Parish Spiritual Development memo Fall 2019

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DATE: September 30, 2019
FROM: Shari Guinta, first vice-president and national chairperson of spiritual development
TO: Parish chairpersons of spiritual development

As mentioned previously, I encourage having prayer services before meetings and offering workshops, retreats and programs for members and parishioners. Like Lent, Advent is rich with prayer services and beautiful retreat offerings from which members could benefit.

Although many council meetings begin with mass, I encourage planning at a minimum an opening and closing prayer or reflection for all meetings. Consider using the many prayers and services offered as League resources on the national website. Ask members what they want. At the end of each year or the beginning of a new year, I suggest offering members a questionnaire to quickly and easily complete. Consider asking questions such as:

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