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Return to School Prayer Service

Education is a life-long experience that leads the students from where they are to where God wants them to be. The start of a new school year is filled with apprehension, excitement and hope as they enter a new stage in life.

As members of the Catholic Women’s League, we are called to pray for our communal well-being. We ask for God’s protection on our schools, staff and students. Together we pray that the Lord will be with them, guiding their journey with all the changes.

Sharon Malec is a Past Calgary Diocesan President and currently serves as Provincial Legislation Chair.  As a mother, grandmother and retired school teacher, she is always concerned for the wellbeing of God's precious children. At the request of her CWL Council (St. Martha's, Lethbridge), Sharon prepared a beautiful prayer service for them to pray as the children return to school. They included the Rosary of the day after the Communal prayer, and their Spiritual Advisor, Fr William, gave a final blessing.

St. Martha's Council gifts this service to other CWL Councils with the desire that you will regard it as a living document and adapt it as you feel best serves your members and their families.

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Prayer for Graduates

Lord God, giver of all wisdom and grace,
bless the students who have worked diligently
to prepare for graduation.

Guide and direct them as they go forth
to encounter new opportunities and challenges in the world.
As they continue to nurture their gifts,
help them to stand up for their Christian beliefs
and to further develop values and virtues
that promote communities of fellowship and caring.

May they always act with responsibility and practice integrity
that they may be living witnesses of your word
and instruments of your peace. 

Through Christ our Lord. Amen

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Source: Diocese of Calgary


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Journey out of the Darkness into the Light – Advent Wreath Lighting

Today, let us follow our own star to the manger.  Know that by undertaking our strenuous journey to the truth, seeking joy that the world cannot give us, we will be changed in the process.  When we will finally meet Christ and see who He really is, we will never be the same.  We will not be able to go back to “business as usual” but with hope, peace, joy, and love we will share His mission with others.

At this time, while we light the candles of the Advent Wreath, we will reflect on Isaiah 9:2 “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light.”

In our journey out of the darkness into the light let us be reminded by St. Leo the Great that the only way God can be honored is by presenting him with what he has already given us. “The Magi’s gifts represent their God given desires.”  The gold, frankincense, and myrrh encompass the Humanity, Divinity, and Salvation of our Savior.  

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Novena Prayer: The Epiphany of the Lord:

Let us pray “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit”

Loving God, in every time and place you come close to us.  You never cease to draw us to yourself.  Our desire for you is written in our heart.  Thank you for the ways that you break into my world and attract me to you, and to love you with all my heart.  Give me the courage to leave behind my old ways of thinking and acting, and to follow where you lead me – for communion with you is our truest dignity.

Make my life one of unceasing worship and adoration.  Let me always embrace the Truth I find in the arms of the Blessed Virgin Mary: Jesus Christ our Savior.  May the witness of my life of faith manifest your goodness to the world.  United to the Light revealed to the nations.  I offer you my intentions: (silently, mention your request here).


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A Liturgy for the Advent Wreath

The Advent Wreath is a significant part of our journey as we begin a new Church year. We use it to prepare ourselves for Christmas and celebrating the birth of the Jesus. It contains 4 and sometimes 5 candles. Each is to be lit on the Sunday at church and in the home for prayer. The candles are purple, pink and white. The greenery that is formed in a circle represents God’s unending love for us. Some families will use a white candle and will light it at Christmas to announce the Birth of Jesus.

Gather: Bible, Advent Wreath/Candle(s)

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Stations of the Resurrection

The Stations of the Light is a spiritual journey with Christ that takes one through fourteen of the most inspiriting events of His post-Resurrection life on earth. In the early Church this practice was known as the Via Lucis, or Way of the Resurrection. It invites participants to walk along a path of transforming joy by following in the footsteps of the Risen Christ and his friends.

Resources for praying Via Lucis:

Source: Diocese of Calgary


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Via Lucis, The Way of Light

The Via Lucis, the “Way of Light,” emerges for Triduum liturgies in the same spirit of devotion. Also known as the Stations of the Resurrection, this devotion parallels the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary just as the Via Crucis complement the Sorrowful Mysteries. These stations were discovered in the Catacombs of St. Callistus in Rome.

The Via Lucis is particularly suited for Easter Sunday, for the weekdays of the Easter Octave (known as "Bright Week" among the Eastern churches), and throughout the Fifty Days of the Easter Season.

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