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Every parish council is encouraged to write a resolution. Does the council recognize a need? Talk to other members, work together to research and study an issue and then bring the recommendations back to a council meeting. Feel free to ask for assistance from people outside the council while doing the research. One of the best resources for developing a resolution is the Executive Handbook, as well as the Resolutions Supplement to the Executive Handbook available on cwl.ca.

Relevant resolutions on the national website go back as far as 1954! At this year’s annual national convention resolutions were archived from the more recent past, the earliest being 1972.

“Resolutions are recommended for archiving when it can be shown that they meet one of the following criteria:

(i) The action(s) requested of the federal government or national organization has been addressed.
(ii) The topic or action has been addressed in a more current resolution with more current references.
(iii) The resolution contains non-specific rationale or action steps.
(iv) The resolution is referring to organizations that no longer exist.
(v) The resolution is referring to specific dates/events, which are now history.
(vi) The resolution issue, focus or topic has changed.
(vii) It is a courtesy resolution.
(viii)The resolution covers actions that may only be taken by members (e.g. awareness on health and safety issues)” (How We Serve).

The annual reporting process continues and online reports have had some successes and some challenges. Use this opportunity to reach out to someone new and get them involved in the League by assisting you with the reporting process. Imagine the conversations and teaching
opportunity about League activities to be had!

One common challenge this standing committee has is the inability of councils to recruit a member due to fear and a lack of understanding resolutions. To combat this concern, consider asking diocesan and provincial councils to assist with workshops, or organize a resolutions
dialogue at conventions or leadership development days throughout the year. Team up with neighbouring League sisters to organize a learning event. These are some avenues that help engage members to take up some work.

As a new year of meetings and planning emerges, I want to express my appreciation to you for taking an interest in advocacy and social justice through resolutions. It was wonderful to witness members actively engaged and taking an interest in resolutions through concerns and proposed amendments at the annual national convention. Women of God, inspired by the Spirit and called to action through resolutions – let us continue “to take up some work that affects the life of the entire country.” Joan Bona

May you be IN-spired by the Holy Spirit.

God bless you in your work “For God and Canada.”
Cathy Bouchard
National Chairperson of Resolutions

October 5, 2018