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2019 Resolution Sample Letters

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Congratulations to the B.C. and Yukon and Ontario Provincial Councils who submitted the resolutions adopted at the 2019 National Convention in Calgary. Also, congratulations to Edmonton Diocesan Council for submitting the resolution adopted at the 2019 Alberta Mackenzie Provincial Convention.

Members of all ages and councils of all sizes are encouraged to contribute by studying the resolutions and following up on the Action Plans. I’ve composed sample letters as a helpful resource for your letter-writing campaigns. Please revise and personalize them as you wish. The sample letters are quick and easy to use!

  1. Print copies of the letters and insert your name, mailing address, email and/or phone number and date above the name of the recipient.
  2. Sign and mail the letters (no postage required to the House of Commons)
  3. Send copies of the letters to your local MP or MLA

Additional resources, tips and strategies can be accessed on the diocesan, provincial and national websites. National’s website contains the entire text for all active resolutions (2019 and prior years).

The voices of over 80,000 League members can make a powerful impact! Collectively, we can advocate for social justice and enrich the wellbeing of society.

Please contact me with any questions or suggestions.


Dorothy Boras, Resolutions Chair 403-328-2762


Resolution 2020.01 Federal Legislation to Reduce Food Loss and Waste

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Draft Resolution 2020.01 is being presented for consideration at the 2020 Calgary Diocesan Convention. It is an excellent resource for councils who may want to compose future resolutions.

  • Although delegates may vote freely on the resolution, they are urged to discuss it with their councils and take members' views into consideration. It is NOT an 'Instructed Vote,' which compels delegates to abide by the decision of their respective councils.

St. Patrick’s Parish Council
Community Life

2020.01           Federal Legislation to Reduce Food Loss and Waste

Resolved,       that Calgary Diocesan Council of The Catholic Women’s League of Canada at the 98th annual Diocesan Convention assembled urge the federal government to enact legislation to reduce food loss and waste for the Canadian industrial, commercial and institutional sectors, and be it further

Resolved,       that this resolution be forwarded to Alberta Mackenzie Provincial Council for consideration at the 73rd annual convention in 2020.

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