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Resolution Sample Letters

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Councils in Manitoba, B.C. and the Yukon applied much time and effort to research and develop the resolutions adopted at the 2018 National Convention. Following tradition since 1974, National Council of the Catholic Women's League of Canada sent a delegation to Ottawa to explain the League’s position on the issues identified. Anne-Marie Gorman (President), Fran Lucas, (President-elect), and Cathy Bouchard (Resolutions Chair) met with parliamentarians November 26-28, 2018. They created the foundation and ignited the flame!

It’s now the role of members and councils to seize the torch and advocate for change. Councils large and small can contribute by studying the resolutions and following up on the Action Plans – detailed on national’s website: www.cwl.ca

A 30-minute express workout several times a week is a great way to achieve your fitness goals. A 30-minute express letter-writing blitz at a general meeting is a great way to achieve your social justice goals!

I’ve written two 2018 Sample Letters as a helpful resource. They are quick and easy to use! 1. Print the required copies; 2. Add your name and contact info, current date, and local MP's name (below the Prime Minister's); 3. Sign and mail the letters (no postage required).

Please revise and personalize the letters as you wish or simply use them as a guide.

Download sample letters.


Resolutions re: Christmas Postage Stamps

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National CWL Resolution 1959.12 resolved "that we The Catholic Women's League of Canada in 39th annual national convention assembled at Saint John, N.B., request the federal government to plan a Christmas stamp depicting a “Nativity Scene” to be issued in Canada annually during the month of December."

This was followed by Resolution 1980.11 which resolved that "The national council of The Catholic Women's League of Canada, in 60th annual national convention assembled, do commend Canada Post for the issues of postage stamps with religious themes and do recommend that each year one or more of the Christmas stamps issued have such a theme."  

Resolution 2005.01 resolved "That the national council of The Catholic Women's League of Canada, in 85th annual national convention assembled, urge Canada Post to include a Nativity-related theme in its future Christmas stamp issues."  

All of these resolutions were archived in 2016 because the action requested has been accomplished. We have had a Christmas-themed stamp for several years and have commended Canada Post for this.

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Parish council Resolutions memo Fall 2018

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Two years remain until the League celebrates 100 years as an organization of Catholic women!
Looking back on the record of the work done by members, we realize the impact the League has had on the lives of all Canadians. Through resolutions, policies are established, programs are planned, and concerns and views are expressed.

Resolutions adopted at the 98th annual national convention will be published in the fall issue of The Canadian League magazine, and will be available online. Many hours of hard work, research, consultation and discussion have contributed in bringing issues to the forefront. Support this work through advocacy and awareness. National office is actively pursuing meetings with federal government officials to discuss the adopted and other resolutions.

I have attached a 2018 Resolutions-at-a-Glance document. Encourage members to actively learn about the resolutions and to follow up on the action plans. Ask the question, “How do these resolutions apply to situations in our city/town, province or country? Who does the League speak for in this resolution?” Members become much more attached to the suggested action in the resolution when it applies to known people.

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2018 Resolutions at a Glance

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The following resolutions were adopted at the 98th annual national convention:

  • 2018.01: Attestation Requirement on Canada Summer Jobs Program
  • 2018-02: Setting a Standard for Products Marketed as Flushable
  • 2018-03: Legislate Designation of Hospice/Palliative Care Services in Facilities to Exclude Medical Assistance in Dying

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Resolutions Communique - Action required

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Date: January 12, 2018
To: Parish Council Presidents
CC: Sharon Malec, Provincial Chairperson of Resolutions
From: Diane Miedema, Calgary Diocesan Chairperson of Resolutions
Subject: Children’s Access to Online Pornography – A Call To Action!

Dear Parish Council Presidents,

This issue exemplifies the importance of League resolutions and their value to society. A resolution has exposed a serious issue that can detrimentally affect children’s cognitive development and wellbeing, with lasting negative effects into adulthood. This “Call to Action” implores all members to send an email to our federally elected officials to help achieve positive results.

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Resolutions Memo

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2017 Resolutions memo from Joan Bona, national chairperson of resolutions:

As Canada celebrates its 150th year as a country, the League is fast approaching 100 years as an organization of Catholic women. During the 1922 national convention, members were encouraged to “take up some work of a national character that affects into the life of the whole country”. Fresh from another annual national convention, where four resolutions were adopted, the League’s historic experience of advocacy remains as true today as it did in 1922. The work continues. The resolutions will be featured in the fall issue of The Canadian League.

Please find enclosed in this mailing the 2017 resolutions-at-a-glance. Encourage members of your council to actively engage and follow-up on the action plans. Many hours of hard work, research, consultation and discussion have been contributed to bring issues to the forefront. Support this work through advocacy and awareness. At the time of writing this memo, national office has been actively pursuing meetings with federal government officials about the adopted 2017 resolutions.

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Resolutions Made Easy

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In the beginning. . .
You and Henrietta are at Tim Horton's nattering about some issue that is really sticking in your craw. You could just yack about it, or you could DO something: get the CWL on board and change the world!

How to start:

  1. Write down a statement that expresses what needs to be done to correct the situation, e.g., Urge the federal government to establish a national public cord blood bank.
  2. Write down the reasons this should be done in order of importance, e.g., Many diseases can be successfully treated with cord blood stem cells; there are no ethical issues with the use of cord blood stem cells; every child has an umbilical cord.
  3. Come up with a short, simple title.
  4. Write a short brief explaining the reasons in order. If you quote part of an article, you must footnote it using a specific format.
  5. List all sources used in a bibliography. A specific format must be used.
  6. When deciding to develop a resolution, make sure it hasn't already been done before! A resolution may have been passed at national conventions, but have not been dealt with yet by the federal government through policy, regulation or legislation. For the complete listing, visit www.cwl.ca/resolutions/year.htm.

Researching is easy in the 21st century. . .

Internet search (e.g.: google) is an amazing tool. You can access excellent research to back up your statement online. Just be careful to use reliable sources. Your Diocesan Resolutions Chairperson should be able to assist you if you are unsure. Of course, using current print media is still just fine.

Print off copies of the articles you get online. Note the date you accessed them. You will need these later.

At every level of the League, Resolutions Standing Committee Chairs and members will refer to the Resolutions Supplement in the Executive Handbook. It's your Resolutions Bible. Your council has one.

Copy the leader and be blessed.

Why re-invent the wheel? The CWL is over 100 years old. That means a lot of women have gone before you. Looking at what they did and copying it will save you tons of time!

Use your CWL magazine, The League. Every fall issue contains the resolutions passed at national. Or go to the national website and click on a recent resolution for the same info. Copy the format you see there for your own resolution. Of course, you should kinda put your own content in there!

- Becky Kallal, Resolutions Workshop, 2006
- Resolutions Supplement to the Executive Handbook, 2012
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