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Pornography Hurts

Postcard Campaign

Mandatory Age Verification for Adult Pornographic Websites

Postcard Campaign:

Alberta Mackenzie Provincial Council generously provided postcards at no cost for 2020. Please let Diane Miedema know how many you would like for your parish council's campaign. Postcards should be available for distribution to councils at the spring regional meetings.

Organize your campaign for any month that is convenient for your council. The information leaflet provides campaign tips and facts on pornography; the sample letter is an optional communication mode. For either one, ensure to include your full name, mailing address and a question that elicits a reply. To use the letter, also include the date sent, name of your local member of parliament (to send a copy), and your signature. No postage is required for mail sent to elected officials in Ottawa.



Pornography dictates that the satisfaction of one’s own desires is all that matters. It leaves in its wake broken marriages, estranged and molested children, shattered young people, and deteriorating neighborhoods.

The chairperson shall:
• become aware of the influence that pornography has on children and adults
• support national campaigns such as Pornography Hurts
• promote organizations concerned about and working towards the elimination of pornography
• encourage members to continue writing to the prime minister, minister of justice and local members of parliament urging them to continue to object to pornography in all its forms