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ABMK Communications Communique

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National office has put together a document entitled “A Communication from National Office – Communicating via Communiques” (https://cwl.ca/a-communication-from-national-office-communicating-viacommuniques/).
This document outlines reasons for, and guidelines to writing communiques and should be reviewed by all chairpersons. It reminds us of protocols and etiquette to remember with any writing, and that it is important to give credit to any source that you utilize in your communiques, including material obtained from communiques at other levels of the League. All communiques should be approved by the President at the level of the League they are written at prior to being distributed or posted online.

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Annette deBoer, ABMK Provincial Chairperson of Communications

February 2019


Parish Communications memo Fall 2018

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Welcome to the national communications team, joining forces to share gifts and talents, and to be God’s hands and feet on this beautiful planet we call home!

Communication: the definition of communication “is the imparting or exchanging of information” (Collins). As communication is a two-way street, if there is anything I can do to help please feel free contact me. Being newly elected to this position, I rely on your input to help us grow in this position.

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Communications 14

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Welcome back to all returning Communication Chairs and welcome to any new to the position. I think you will find this to be a rewarding position to hold.

First on the “agenda” is to let you know that the Alberta Mackenzie Fall Newsletter for 2018 has been completed and is available to view on the Provincial website www.cwl.ab.ca or by asking your Diocesan Communications Chair for a copy.

As part of our efforts to care for our common home, we do not send out printed copies of the newsletter except to Life Members upon request. If your council requires a printed copy, please contact your Diocesan Communications Chair.

Provincial Council includes information from each standing committee as well as information and photos from Provincial and National Conventions. Diocesan Presidents each report on items of interest in their diocese and special events or other items of interest to our members are shared. Feedback is welcome and can be sent to .

The newly elected National Chairperson of Communications is Doreen Gowans, who is from Kamloops, BC. Her first communique came out on August 24, (so she got right to work after the election!).

Doreen reminds us to continue to act on the issue of pornography. Pornography Hurts postcards and printing instructions are available to download from the National website at www.cwl.ca (under Resources: 100 Series: Crest, Stationery and Other Council Supplies, item #178). She notes that we should be sure to differentiate between child and adult pornography when hosting a workshop or a guest speaker; and recommends the website COMMIT TO KIDS ( http://commit2kids.ca ) as another website that is helping organizations prevent child sexual abuse, sponsored by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection. As well as COMMIT TO KIDS, another good resource is Media Smarts at www.mediasmarts.ca for information on keeping safe on the internet.

National resolutions that Doreen wants to highlight for this standing committee are:
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