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Dear Sisters in the League,

With the cooler weather approaching, members often feel like hunkering down with fibers in hand (“To keep warm?”, one might ask). Such fabric could be knitting or crochet wool or fabric like cotton, synthetics or wool. At this time of year, some just feel like making something for someone.

The Centenary Committee to the rescue; we have the perfect project for you! In the lead up to 2020, we want to create a yearly event or project to increase anticipation for 2020. This year, besides the 100th anniversary logo competition, we are offering members the opportunity to participate in the lap quilt/blanket challenge.

  • On the idea of a prayer shawl, a lap quilt can be made either by an individual member or a small committee or the whole parish council, while praying for its beneficiary.
  • The lap quilt size would vary, being enough to fit over your body and legs to keep you cozy if you were sitting in a chair.
  • Lap quilts can be made for a child, a woman or a man.
  • These lap quilts would be given to a local palliative care, hospice, hospital or parish shut-ins.
  • The lap quilts say “We care for you” in a tangible way.
  • This project is a natural evolution of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy.
  • It is also a natural evolution of the national focus on palliative and hospice care.
  • Big wish: at least one lap quilt per council
  • Can you envision a quilt display at each diocesan/provincial and national convention then a commissioning from the
    conventions “to go and distribute them to those in need?”
  • Quilts can be given either to individuals or collectively to a
    palliative/hospice care centre.

Easy challenge: to create 100 quilts across Canada to celebrate the up-coming 100th anniversary. Big challenge: to create at least one lap quilt per council.


  • Photos of the quilts could be assembled or graphed to resemble a huge quilt.
  • A prayer service could be used during the 2017 “12 Hours of Prayer for Palliative Care” related to the distribution of the lap quilts. “I was cold and you warmed me; I was sick and you visited me; I was alone and you wrapped me in love”…anything is possible. The sky is the limit!

Good luck and may Our Lady of Good Counsel whisper her truths in your ear. Remember, she said one time, “Do
whatever He tells you.”
Peace and joy to you!

Source: The Canadian League Fall 2016


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