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Information for the online annual survey forms is included in this mailing. Completion of the survey for treasurers is vital. Members wonder why they are asked about donations given by parish councils. These questions enable me to have a snapshot of what is donated by all members across Canada. Any donations made, whether big or small, are impressive when added to those of all councils. In 2018, the figures received show members donated more than $3,400,000, with only 65% of parish councils reporting. For 2019, show what an important financial contribution the League makes across Canada.

In addition to the online survey, please complete the attached form. Kindly send the completed form directly to the diocesan Treasurer or provincial treasurer if there is no diocesan council.

As we approach year-end, I want to remind you it is important to have the parish council’s books verified.
This should include an examination of bank statements, expenses paid and cheques written. This examination can be done by someone with bookkeeping or accounting experience. Perhaps you can approach someone in the parish or the husband of a member, providing that person is not related to a signing officer for the council.

I want to thank all treasurers, both those finishing their term at the end of this year and those continuing in the position, for your dedication to your council. You are an indispensable member of the executive. Keep up the good work!

God bless.

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