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DATE: September 30, 2019
FROM: Janet McLean, national secretary-treasurer
TO: Parish treasurers

Greetings parish council treasurers. Liability insurance is a necessity for parish councils to provide protection in the event of an accident. In recent years, the national treasury covered the costs of the parish liability insurance program for all parish  councils. For the upcoming year, insurance premiums will be collected directly from parish councils. The cost of this
insurance has been kept as inexpensive as possible at $0.50 per member. This premium will be in addition to per capita fees. When remitting per capita fees to national office, insurance premiums will also be collected. For parish councils that submit payments electronically, insurance premiums will be automatically withdrawn upon successful completion of an electronic per capita remittance.

A new insurance policy will be distributed in the spring 2020 parish council mailing. In the meantime, the current policy will be in effect until a new policy is issued. Enrollment in the parish liability insurance program is mandatory and parish councils must remit premiums with the 2020 per capita fees. Only by having all parish councils participate in this program will the League be able to keep premiums low.

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