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This initiative introduced at the Provincial Convention 2010 is called ‘Nickels for the North.’ This fund raising project is for the support of the CWL sisters in the Mackenzie-Fort Smith Diocese for the purpose of travel to conventions and workshops.

Every council in Alberta Mackenzie is invited to consider working with the provincial council to raise funds for this cause to help CWL members in the Northwest Territories travel to CWL events. There are about 90 CWL members in the Diocese of Mackenzie-Fort Smith. The distances are great and high travel costs make it prohibitive for the executive to visit and meet with the councils in the diocese and for members to attend conventions. CWL members in Alberta are most welcome to help their northern sisters meet with each other and with members in the rest of the province and territory. Please consider:

  1. Introducing the program at your parish council meeting.
  2. Having a collection can available clearly marked “Nickels for the North.”
  3. Passing the container around to members present, asking for the nickels from their pocket change. (Other coins are happily accepted, too!)
  4. Depositing the collection to your CWL account earmarked “Nickels for the North.”
  5. When the collected amount warrants it, forward a cheque to the Diocesan Treasurer using Diocesan CWL Parish Remittance Form found on the Calgary Diocesan Website at https://calgarycwl.ca/members/forms.
  6. It is suggested that monies are forwarded in December, April and June before provincial convention.
  7. Report the collected and sent amounts at year end in the parish CWL council's annual reports.

From the February 2018 Diocesan CWL Newsletter