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As I write this memo, Qu├ębec is still in the midst of warm summer temperatures, but I have heard that there is a chance of snow in Alberta. It reminds me that League councils are like the weather in Canada - different from one province to another and from one parish to another.

The annual online survey forms will be available shortly for completion. It is an opportunity for me to learn how parish councils handle the duties of secretary or treasurer, providing a better understanding of what secretaries and treasurers are doing across Canada. Both forms have a question at the end of the survey for comments, so feel free to share personal thoughts about the position(s). If I can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact me.

I encourage recording secretaries to ask for copies of reports given at council meetings. This makes it much easier when taking the minutes. There is no need to record everything that was said at the meeting. Only important decisions or motions made need to be reported in the minutes. The written copy of the report given can be attached to the minutes.

The positions of secretary and treasurer are extremely important, and I congratulate councils for the great work being done in keeping council records and finances in order. Whether you are familiar with the latest computer software or keep records manually, I am sure you are a credit to your council.

May Our Lady of Good Counsel by with you always as you fulfill the duties to the best of your ability.
Janet McLean
National Secretary-Treasurer