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  1. attend all executive and general meetings of the council
  2. assist the president in preparing the agenda for executive and general meetings, bringing to her attention any items that should be brought forward from the previous meeting, correspondence, previous minutes and recommendations of the executive that may help in preparation of the agenda
  3. distribute individual copies of the agenda, post a copy of the agenda on a blackboard or flip chart, or project it on a overhead (see sample agenda page 7)
  4. call the roll or have members sign a list of attendance at meetings
  5. take the minutes of meetings, record motions, and retain minutes as a permanent record (see sample minutes page 10)
  6. bring the minute book containing past minutes to meetings for reference purposes
  7. bring the motion book (if one is kept) to meetings
  8. distribute copies of the minutes of the previous meeting prior to the meeting or prepare to read the minutes at the meeting
  9. report on the executive meeting at the general meeting, if the president so requests
  10. be a signing officer for official documents
  11. be responsible for receiving reports from the executive
  12. provide the president with a copy of the executive members’ annual reports to assist in preparing the president’s annual report
  13. know where the council charter can be found
  14. be responsible for all council papers and records; know where council archives are located
  15. maintain an up-to-date Elections Register (see page 12)
  16. ensure that the list of the newly-elected executive, with their names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses, is forwarded immediately following the annual meeting or convention:
    o parish level forwards list to diocesan level
    o diocesan level forwards list to parish, provincial and national levels
    o provincial level forwards list to diocesan and national levels
  17. provide the credentials for delegates to convention
  18. consult the CWL website (www.cwl.ca) for up-to-date information, print and distribute communiqués and information of interest to her council, unless this duty is assigned to another member

Source: Handbook for Secretaries page 5