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According to the CWL Executive Handbook (page PRES-9):

The president shall:

  • inform the membership of the League’s position on current issues
  • foster open communication
  • preside at all council meetings and conventions
  • be a signing officer for all official documents
  • provide active leadership
  • in consultation with the officers, initiate policy
  • keep fully informed on the operation of the League and report annually to the membership
  • be an ex officio member of all committees except the nominations and elections committee
  • be the official spokesperson for the council
  • appoint committees
  • read and be familiar with the National Manual of Policy and Procedure
  • with the executive, be responsible for reporting activities to the next level
  • perform such other duties as may be incumbent upon the office


People with a common interest or purpose come together to discuss ideas, share information, decide on a course of action, and plan projects/programs. As chairperson of the meeting, the president ensures that agenda items are covered and brings recommendations to a general meeting.

The president shall:

  • call an executive meeting prior to the general meeting
  • encourage all officers and the spiritual advisor to attend
  • prepare an agenda with the assistance of the recording secretary (see National Manual of Policy and Procedure, page 41)
  • chair the meeting
  • allow time for discussion of agenda items and prepare recommendations for the general meeting


Members are eager to learn of new programs/projects and decisions of the executive. Based on recommendations from an executive meeting, the president conveys this information to members, allowing sufficient time for discussion and further exchange of ideas.

The president shall:

  • call a general meeting of the council
  • encourage members to attend
  • prepare an agenda, with the assistance of the recording secretary, based on the business arising from the executive meeting
  • chair the general meeting
  • designate greeters
  • arrange for a social period following the meeting
  • appoint a member to be responsible for the guest speaker

See further information in the Executive Handbook for tips on Conducting a Meeting, and Motions.

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