Calgary Diocesan CWL 101st Annual Convention

World Day of Prayer for the Sick

11 Feb 2023



The World Day of the Sick is celebrated each year on February 11, the liturgical memorial of Our Lady of Lourdes. It is an occasion to pray for individuals who are suffering, and to find concrete ways to draw nearer to them.

The Holy Father's 2023 message is entitled: "Take care of him" - Compassion as a synodal exercise of healing. In light of the Church's synodal journey, Pope Francis invites us "to reflect on the fact that it is precisely through the experience of fragility and illness that we can learn to walk together according to God's style of closeness, compassion and tenderness." 

On this day we should proclaim loudly that human life has a special value and is worthy of protection at every stage of its existence. Those who are suffering should never be discarded or considered useless; rather, they should always be accepted as a gift, with respect and compassion.

Pastoral suggestions for the World Day for the Sick (Feb. 11, 2023) for all the faithful:

  1. Read and share Pope Francis’s message
  2. Watch and share the video: “An experience of accompanying a loved one through palliative care”
  3. Visit a loved one, friend, colleague, or stranger who is shut in, lonely or sick
  4. Offer gratitude to a healthcare professional or volunteer

Download Communications Toolkit - World Day of the Sick