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The Diocesan Convention is a business, social and spiritual assembly of Catholic women, spiritual advisors and guests. It is a celebration of the work accomplished by the League in the past year, where members meet old friends, make new ones and gain knowledge from speakers and the workshops presented.

Following are some important points to remember.

Parish Councils:

Bring your council banner and stand to the convention for a colourful display of unity.

Section 5 of the Calgary Diocesan CWL Policies & Procedures Manual states that delegates to the Diocesan Conventions are:

  1. Voting Delegates - the president of each Parish Council or her designate
  2. Accredited Delegates - each Parish Council may send two accredited delegates to diocesan conventions. Diocesan officers, regional chairpersons, and honorary life and life members also have accredited delegate status at conventions.

Voting Powers

  • Voting Delegates shall have the power to vote on all questions.
  • Accredited Delegates may take part in the convention meeting and shall have the power to vote on all questions except election of officer, increase in per capita fees, and amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws.
  • Voting cards, colour coded according to the voting and accredited privileges, shall be provided with registration materials and shall be used for all voting at conventions.
  • Other members may take part in the general sessions of meetings and conventions but shall have no voting power.

Parish Council Presidents are part of the Diocesan Executive and it is important that the Voting Delegate attend the Sunday Post-Convention Meeting to vote on the financial motions.

Delegates, please note:

When you arrive at the convention, you need to sign in at the registration tables and pick up your convention materials. Convention name badges will be provided in your package.

Be sure to wear your CWL pin(s) & scarf if you have one.